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Sundara kanda is the fifth kanda of the ramayana and is also the most read of all the kandas ( or sections) in Ramayana.

But the Sundara Kanda, the fifth book in the Game of Life series , covers just five days; and more than three-quarters of the book covers a two- day period when Hanuman lept to Lanka.

The author covers three aspects in the book very well:-

1) First is the narration of the story, which is very true to its original and told in a very gripping way.

2) Spiritual meaning behind the events in the story as told by traditional acharyas.

3) Life lessons relevant for today's world from the story ( essentially as foot notes in each of the pages).

The key lessons from the story are 1. Be- confident 2. Say- no to distractions ( the author very lucidly explains that distractions may not always come in terms of trouble but may also come in the form of comfort!) and 3. Know - your rivals.

Hanuman is the hero of the book, His strength combined with humility and willingness to do devotional service to Rama is brought out very lucidly while going through the story line. The story begins when there is great despair and loss of hope ( in mission to find Sita), but due to brave exploits of Sundara ( Hanuman), the story turns around completely to a positive mood at the end of the book setting the stage for Yuddha kanda.

The author  very clearly brings out why Hanuman is rightfully called as Sundara. He is not only Roopa Sundara but also Vag sundara (Master of communication). The way Hanuman changes his communication depending on the situation is clearly explained.

This book series is a must read not only for those who are seeking to read Ramayana in simple English, but also for spiritual aspirants who want to understand the finer nuances and for the reader who wants to take the lessons to day to day usage.

Shubha Vilasji is able to keep up the great expectations and maintain the standards of rendering the story that he has built up over the series. Reading this book is definitely set to uplift your spirits and scucced in your ongoing mission. Jai Sri Ram!

( The book is published by Jaico and a copy of book was sent to me by the publishers for review)

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