No entry load on Mutual fund investments

Now MFs cannot charge entry load even if you make investment through a distributor.( Directive of SEBI -- news ). This is definitely a good news for investor. But there would be lesser motivation for the distributors to promote mutual fund investments.
If the investments are made through distributors or through online trading sites ( that have this facility), no entry load would be payable. But the continuation of such services by distributors or service portals without any commission needs to be seen.
This is definitely a good news for the retail investors.

Momentum is back

May has been a month of momentum for stock markets. It all seems exciting now. But as usual market may be over-reacting now and making the stocks go above their value. The indices are definitely going to move up in the long run because of the advantages that India seems to have but the short term euphoria need to be watched for carefully.
Its definitely time to heave a sign of relief but caution should also be the buzz word. For regular investors through SIP route , it's going to be business as usual!

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