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House - Rent Vs Buy - Calculator ( Biased or Fraudulent!)

I found this " Home- Rent vs Buy" calculator on a famous property website.

 I gave the following input to check the site's recommendation.

Results from the website:-

At the first glance of the result , you will feel that only a foolish person would live on rent and the output says that you tend to gain in crores when you buy a house at the "inflated" prices.

The reality is that

1. The calculator is silent about what would you do with the "down payment" money if you are not buying a house.

2. The calculator is also silent on what will you do with the differential EMI money ( EMI- Rent, if  you stay on rent)

The fundamental assumption behind the calculation is not transparent and the intention of the site is clearly to sell you the over inflated property.

After reading the post, if you are not able to get the correct calculation for  " Rent Vs Buy" decision, a primary school maths book can provide you greater assistance.!

Happy Renting!!

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