Shriram Transport NCD issue

Shriram Transport NCD issue - offering good interest is a great option to invest in, this issue has already been oversubscribed.

Details of shriram transport issue can be found in following link :-

The other IPO that is open now for subscription is
Adani Power
10 FV
Price Range: 90 - 100
Date open :-28-Jul-09 31-Jul-09 . The company would take a long time before it starts making profits . But the issue is already over subscribed.

NHPC IPO is als0 up to come up next week which is worth considering for investment

open date :- 07-Aug-09 11-Aug-09

Tough times do not last.

These volatile times in the stock market may look turbulent for traders and short term investors, but for long term investors this should not be much of a botheration. With a favourable demographic profile and being a developing economy, India has great prospects of growth . Even if you consider all the negatives, a return of 12-15% per annum over next 10 years seems very much possible.
We should understand that time in the market is more important than timing the market. A regular and systematic investment will definitely help good returns over the long term.
Investing regularly for long run and not tracking the markets on a day to day basis would help your investments generate good returns and a good night's sleep too.

Good large cap funds to start SIP

Of late, we have been receiving a lot of queries about some good large cap funds in which SIP can be started. We recommend a few based on our experience.(investors are advised to do their own due diligence before they start investing)
1. Reliance Vision
2. HDFC Equity/ Top 200
3. Birla Sun Life Equity
4. DSP BR Equity/ Top 100
5. Kotak 30
6. Sundaram Select Focus
7. ICICI prudential Dynamic
These are some of the funds in which an investor can start his/her SIP. A longer time horizon ( say 5 years ) increases the probability of a higher return. please mail us in case you have any questions. You can also drop a comment with your choice of large cap funds.

EPF rate still @ 8.5% (2009-10)

EPFO has maintained the interest rate for 2009-10 on EPF funds at 8.5%. ( EPF- Employee Provident Fund - normal 12% deducted from basic + 12% employers contribution)
If you are a person who looks at stocks as very volatile and are looking for good fixed income returns, increase your EPF contribution ( Voluntary contribution which most of the employers allow). This would ensure that your money earns a tax free return of 8.5%. With the declining Fixed deposit rates , this seems to be a good option. Fixed deposit returns have almost come down below 8% (with a slightly downward potential). Again , your Fixed deposit interest is not tax free. PPF with 8% tax free return would be the next best option to consider for , if you are not keen /able to increase your EPF contribution. Both of these investments (EPF/PPF) can get you deductions under 80C ( upto 1 lakh) and generate a handsome tax free return.

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" A Ship is safe when it is in Harbour, but the ship was not built for that"


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