Medical Reimb. limit too low

Last couple of weeks have been hectic at office. I was not able to post even though I wanted to blog badly for a long time. I was also down bit with cold & cough.
A couple of visits to the doctor (with medicines) cost me almost Rs. 1000/-. I was shocked as I visited a normal doctor and cold is after all a common occurrence!!. This may not be the exact figure that everyone spends for a couple of doctors visit. But I realise, visiting a doctor is getting a costly affair these days.
In these circumstances, a maximum limit of Rs 15000/ p.a prescribed for a salaried employee looks too low. If a family of four or more has only one working person, this limit will be blown of within a few months from the beginning of the financial year.
It is high time that these redundant rules get revisited and made more friendly to the salaried class.

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