Medical Reimb. limit too low

Last couple of weeks have been hectic at office. I was not able to post even though I wanted to blog badly for a long time. I was also down bit with cold & cough.
A couple of visits to the doctor (with medicines) cost me almost Rs. 1000/-. I was shocked as I visited a normal doctor and cold is after all a common occurrence!!. This may not be the exact figure that everyone spends for a couple of doctors visit. But I realise, visiting a doctor is getting a costly affair these days.
In these circumstances, a maximum limit of Rs 15000/ p.a prescribed for a salaried employee looks too low. If a family of four or more has only one working person, this limit will be blown of within a few months from the beginning of the financial year.
It is high time that these redundant rules get revisited and made more friendly to the salaried class.


Deep said...

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Ankit said...

i couldn agree more with you but then ,most of the companies also give medical insurance which should cover most of the medical costs.
But,then humans are a greedy race:-)
No offence intended though,a very basic and thougful article none-the-less

Bhargav said...

Agreed completely!
Even a visit to doctos now a days cost not less then 250 ruppes.
It should be increased to atleast a 2000 Rs pm.
As far as medical insurance is concerned we only gets reimbursment if we are admitted to hospital, and few other circumstances(Correct me if i am wrong)

Krishna Mohan said...

Agreed. Medical expenses are quite high now a days. A visit to doctor for common colds, viral fever, etc would cost between 500 to 1000 rupees.
Medical insurance only takes care of expenses in case of hospitalization. An average family of 4 to 5 members incurs no less than 2oooo to 25ooo rupees every year on medical bills which are not covered under mediclaim.

Debt Consolidation said...

This blog is a good example of knowledge..i like it..

workhard said...

Medical is getting expensive day by day. Even the General Practicionars charging as much as specialists

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