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Book name: Corporate Atyachaar

Considering this is the first novel of the author , the book is a neat job  done.

The novel is about the journey of a fresher joining  a wealth management firm . The author humorously brings about the transition of a student from university to a real world where things are not as rosy as it looks. The typical nature of an Indian boss is clearly brought about in a funny way although you may feel that the "scratching" part is a bit overdone by repetition.

Inflation all the way!

I went to the saloon last Sunday for a routine haircut and the guy charged me 20% more for the same hair cut compared to last month. Went in to buy some craft articles for my wife and the price had gone up 25% . I need not talk much about the vegetable process and souring auto fares ( minimum fare of Rs 30 charged for a short distance is a thing of the past now).

FDs fetching more returns now!

With the increase in deposit rates, I see a lot of banks raising their interest rates for certain odd periods 500/555/1000 days ,etc. The rate of interest has gone up to 9% and even more for senior citizens.

Definitely a good news for all those who have money ready to be parked in FDs.

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" A Ship is safe when it is in Harbour, but the ship was not built for that"


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