Medical insurance

This post is not regarding the best medical insurance policy or whether you need a medical insurance. If you are one who have a medical insurance , this post is for you.

1. Have the medical insurance information handy to yourself and your family members. If there is a medical insurance card provided by the insurer or service provider, have the card in an accessible and safe place.

2. If you are dependent on your employer's medical cover , then please get your insurance details from your employer as soon as you join the company.

3. Track the expiry date of the policy carefully and ensure it's renewed on time by you / you get the renewed policy details form your employer as applicable.

4. Please go through the policy information and be sure as to whom/how  to inform in case of a medical contingency for an insurance approval. Take time to educate your family members on the policy too .( This is important because , your family would need the information when you fall sick).

Same situation, Different reaction !

When there is a discount SALE on clothes, FMCG, gadgets, car....We grab the opportunity and buy

But when stcoks are beaten down and are available at cheap prices , we PANIC instead of buying.

Stock market downturn, most of the times are great opportunities to invest for the long term.

From next time when there is a SALE in stock market, dont PANIC. Look for OPPORTUNITIES

Confusion of Mr. i , Q3 2011, Where to invest my money?

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Just for fun and  not to be taken as  a serious advice :-)

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" A Ship is safe when it is in Harbour, but the ship was not built for that"


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