Advantages of going green!

Going green makes a lot of sense , at least when we are seeing such dramatic climatic changes around us. Hotter summers, colder winters, off seasonal seasons may take the zeal out of life. so, going green going forward may not be an option but THE WAY FORWARD.

Here's one article that suggests way to go green with your drive.

God does not make this anymore!!

Whenever a justification for phenomenal increase in price of land ( in India , in current context) and Gold ( globally) is asked for, a reason given is  " these resources are limited " and  " God does not make it anymore". So, the prices will always keep going up.

At the outset, this looks like a very compelling argument. But , if you think more deeply all products or many services are also dependent on natural resources for that matter . Also most of these natural resources are not available for ever example, clean potable water, mineral ores, oil, forests, etc and so on.

Nothing is really non depletable unless the man kind use them prudently.

So, the argument of limited availability can be extended to man made products also which the listed companies sell ( as they are dependent on some natural resource or the other which God doesn't  make anymore).

Buying something as an investment only based on the above argument doesn't sound logical.

Health or Wealth , its the same approach!

If you have been looking to be healthier ( Health is not only absence of disease but more than that :-)), look in shape or be in a proper weight range, you need ...

1. Determination to start a regular work out.
2. Not to consume anything that deteriorates your health.
3. Be regular in step 1 and  stick to step 2 throughout.

These three steps that  are easier said than done!!. Especially the third step!!

To build wealth you need the same determination to start your investment , not to spend your hard earned money on gratifying something unnecessary and all the more being regular in investing .

So its health or wealth , its the same approach to be followed.!

How to sense a bubble /scam ?

A bubble/ scam is often known only when its bursts out. But we can possibly look for some indicators to see whether we are in a bubble.

Trying to list such indicators here
1) When everyone believes something is a very good investment ( including the layman/uneducated/elite and all) and can never falter.
2) When most of your neighbours invest in something and cannot justify how the ( more than average) return can be made.
3) Newspaper /media focus shifts too much on the investment opportunity and you start feeling that you will miss the 'Bus' , if you do not get onto it now.
4) There is a strong justification for the thing to be a good investment and 90% of people agree to the justification . There's nothing unique about what you know about the investment.

We have seen stock market bubbles, teak plantation scams, Benefit fund  ( NBFC) bubble and burst, IT bubble (recollecting all those that are significant and that I can remember ), oil spikes et all.

Two things that are falling into the category ( you  need not agree with me ) as of now are real estate in India and to some extent gold...

But still if you want to invest in real estate , go for Dubai and not for Mumbai ...why ????? read  this in ET :-)


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" A Ship is safe when it is in Harbour, but the ship was not built for that"


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