SBI Tier 2 Bonds 2010 - Oversubscribed as expected!!

After the over subscription to the bonds as expected , now the question that may be in minds of those who applied for the issue is - What will be the basis of allotment??

IPO application - ASBA

HDFC bank provides online facility to its customers to apply an IPO through ASBA mode.
All you need to have to avail this favcility is an HDFC bank account with

SBI Bonds issue opens today

SBI Series 1 and Series 2 Lower Tier II Bonds - Good investmentoption with a high interest rate and it's going to be listed too.

More details @

Personal finance lessons for the kids

'How to teach the kids the value of money ? '. This is one question that parents have in mind.
There needs to be a balance between having them pampered and making them realize the value of money. this article might be a good read for those interested on this topic.

National Pension System ( NPS) - potential saving and investment tool

National Pension System tier- 2 account seems to be a good investment option. While the tier- 1 account is a rigid in terms of withdrawal ,etc, Tier -2 seems to be a good option.

Simple Indian Food - Feel @home ( Best veg food blog )

" A Ship is safe when it is in Harbour, but the ship was not built for that"


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