Are equity oriented balanced fund safer bets??

Based on valueresearchonline screener, I filtered the top  "Equity oriented balanced funds" and top "Equity funds excluding sectoral funds" based on last 10 year returns as on 15oct2015. Here are the results.

Considering the risk reward proposition, I think Balanced funds are safer bets ( as they are should supposedly be a able to give a better downside protection, apart from automatic asset allocation benefits between debt and equity plus same tax treatment as equity funds).

The returns from equity funds don't seem extremely superior to balanced funds. My take- unless we see a 2003-7 kind of a bull run, the performance differential between these two categories may be minimal. In a downward/ side ward market, balanced funds might even do better!

# Note:- This is not a recommendation to buy balanced funds. Investors are supposed to consult a financial advisor or do their own research before investing. Past performance of funds cannot be extrapolated to the future ! :-)

Thank God it's Monday #TGIF

Yes, you read it right - Do you thank God on mondays??.

I attended a talk in a professional forum today, it was on the topic "Holistic workplace".During the presentation, the speaker quoted some survey that said 66% of the employees around the world are "disengaged" and are not happy to go to work.( Rest 34% ,would be those who had miserable lives outside office and would have preferred devil over the deep shit, I thought :-) )

Coming back to the topic,I have had at least 10 -15 people who had told me over the  last couple of years  that they hated the job like hell. At least 60% of them had HUGE portion of their net pay being paid as EMI ( Car loan, Home loan, EMI for the latest gadget, personal loan to buy an unapproved plot, etc,etc). The latest conversation I had on EMI ...
(EMI = Easy Money from Idiots for the business people)

Ms. J: Hi IM

Me: Hi, How are you doing

Ms.J: Just finished a meeting with the CFO, he was all rude. Once I complete the Home loan EMI ( around 60 lakhs) outstanding, I would quit this job and mostly stop working thereafter.My husband's income is more than enough for us ( except for the loan)

Me: Oh is it??

Ms. J: True

Me: How much is the house worth?

Ms. J: 1 crore 

Me: Then why don't you sell that house ( where Ms J doesn't stay and it was fetching 15k ( EMI  > 60 Kpm) as rent per month- she never ever plans to get there), Short close your loan, Invest 40L which will provide you a monthly income if you need or let it compound.

Ms. J : Oh no! that sounds like a stupid idea. I will loose rental income, tax benefits, appreciation, blah,blah, blah...

Me; Fine , then why you feel that EMI and loan is a burden then?

Ms. J: Oh shit, I forgot ... I need to run to a meeting.

If you are a shareholder of a GOOD bank that lends to retail, you can very happily proclaim- "Thank God , it's Monday" . #TGIF. 
What constitutes a GOOD bank is a bigger story :-) and would need to write a book on that!!


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" A Ship is safe when it is in Harbour, but the ship was not built for that"


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