Thank God it's Monday #TGIF

Yes, you read it right - Do you thank God on mondays??.

I attended a talk in a professional forum today, it was on the topic "Holistic workplace".During the presentation, the speaker quoted some survey that said 66% of the employees around the world are "disengaged" and are not happy to go to work.( Rest 34% ,would be those who had miserable lives outside office and would have preferred devil over the deep shit, I thought :-) )

Coming back to the topic,I have had at least 10 -15 people who had told me over the  last couple of years  that they hated the job like hell. At least 60% of them had HUGE portion of their net pay being paid as EMI ( Car loan, Home loan, EMI for the latest gadget, personal loan to buy an unapproved plot, etc,etc). The latest conversation I had on EMI ...
(EMI = Easy Money from Idiots for the business people)

Ms. J: Hi IM

Me: Hi, How are you doing

Ms.J: Just finished a meeting with the CFO, he was all rude. Once I complete the Home loan EMI ( around 60 lakhs) outstanding, I would quit this job and mostly stop working thereafter.My husband's income is more than enough for us ( except for the loan)

Me: Oh is it??

Ms. J: True

Me: How much is the house worth?

Ms. J: 1 crore 

Me: Then why don't you sell that house ( where Ms J doesn't stay and it was fetching 15k ( EMI  > 60 Kpm) as rent per month- she never ever plans to get there), Short close your loan, Invest 40L which will provide you a monthly income if you need or let it compound.

Ms. J : Oh no! that sounds like a stupid idea. I will loose rental income, tax benefits, appreciation, blah,blah, blah...

Me; Fine , then why you feel that EMI and loan is a burden then?

Ms. J: Oh shit, I forgot ... I need to run to a meeting.

If you are a shareholder of a GOOD bank that lends to retail, you can very happily proclaim- "Thank God , it's Monday" . #TGIF. 
What constitutes a GOOD bank is a bigger story :-) and would need to write a book on that!!

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