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Book name: Corporate Atyachaar

Considering this is the first novel of the author , the book is a neat job  done.

The novel is about the journey of a fresher joining  a wealth management firm . The author humorously brings about the transition of a student from university to a real world where things are not as rosy as it looks. The typical nature of an Indian boss is clearly brought about in a funny way although you may feel that the "scratching" part is a bit overdone by repetition.

The novel also gives a good insight into the lifestyles of HNIs, different approach  of individuals while handling their investments and how tough it is for a wealth/ portfolio manager to deal  with the clients during a stock market downturn.

Best wishes to Abhay
There are subtle and indirect lessons on personal finance which the author has intelligently tried to drive through  various incidents and conversations. To talk about a few, 
a. Should we invest in NFO? ( Commissions, gifts rolled out to agents, kick backs and trail commissions may be a revelation to many )
b. Are sectoral funds a good best to invest in.
c. The need for asset allocation.
d. The world of debt, FMP ,etc.
e.  Understanding equity investments are really for the medium , long term and for those who have a strong stomach for short term notional value erosion.
f. Term insurance vs Ulips and much more!

Overall the journey of the fresher is interesting and should be a good read for youngsters , B school students and those who would like a peek into the world of investments.

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