Time in the market is more important

Wondering what's happening to the sensex after the blood bath that has been happening for the past couple of days!!!

These Volatility should'nt really affect a long term investor. In an article in TOI , there was an excellent comparsion between two investors.

1. Both the investors were in the market from 1980 to Dec 2005, Investing 10,000 every year.

2. A always invested when market was at its low (year low), B on the contrary did invest in highs alone (Year high)

3. The difference in ROI was just 2% between them. (per annum return , 16%- B and 18%-A)

It was interesting to note this... Because " In God we trust , Others Need DATA"..So it was a proof with data for the fact that " Time in the market is more important than timing the market".

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