Tough times do not last.

These volatile times in the stock market may look turbulent for traders and short term investors, but for long term investors this should not be much of a botheration. With a favourable demographic profile and being a developing economy, India has great prospects of growth . Even if you consider all the negatives, a return of 12-15% per annum over next 10 years seems very much possible.
We should understand that time in the market is more important than timing the market. A regular and systematic investment will definitely help good returns over the long term.
Investing regularly for long run and not tracking the markets on a day to day basis would help your investments generate good returns and a good night's sleep too.


RB @ RichBy30RetireBy40 said...

Interesting personal finance blog from India! I was in Mumbai last November for a business conference. Hope you guys can follow me here in California on Rich By 30 Retire By 40!

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nice blog :)


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