Little drops make a big ocean

Small savings over a long period of time can fetch you great returns. TIME is a very powerful tool which can multiply your money.

Assume A invests Rs. 500 per month for 30 years.

His returns would be as follows depending on the investment instrument.

Liquid Fund ( 5 % p.a.) Rs. 3,98,633.00
PPF (8% p.a) Rs. 6,79,969.72
Stock /MF (18 % p.a) Rs. 47,45,687.90
“ (20% p.a) Rs. 70,91,289.40

Assume A pays a cable bill of Rs 250 per month. If he invests the same amount for 30 years , he should have a whopping Rs. 35 Lakh !@20% return p.a.

Returns % p.a are assumed figures . They may vary based on circumstances.

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