Guide to investing- Learn from "NATURE"

* from a old pamplet of canbank mutual fund

Invest Early - To get a headstart in life

The zebra foal gets a headstart in life as it stands up within an hour of birth.

Invest Regularly - To create wealth over a period of time

Ants regularly store more food than they consume.

Ensure Safety - By investing in schemes that provide adequate safety

The baby kangaroo is well protected and safe in its mother's pouch even when she leaps

Diversify Investments - To minimize risks and maximize returns

The Squirrel hides its nuts in different places in the woods.

Be Patient- Stay invested to reap rewards

The Crane stands absolutely still in water for hours together for its catch.

Ensure Liquidity - To get your money back when you need it most

The Giraffee feasts on the food stored in one of its four chambers, when it is hungry.

Happy Investing

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