Advertisements (to loot you???)

The very purpose of advertisements is to build a larger than life image of the products that is being advertised.
Insurance advertisements are most funny in that sense...1) The daughter gets admission in a university abroad , father surprises her by showing her the education policy which has multiplied enough to finance her needs 2) Dreams like owning a book shop or a house in goa can be fulfilled by investing in insurance policies 3) Father planning his retirement and being independent by investing in insurance.
On the outset, everything seems logical . But ,why the hell should one invest in equity/debt through an Insurance ( ULIP) policy.??. Insurance is definitely essential to protect the family against unforeseen events. It is essentially to mitigate the risk ( of uncertainity to life or health). But shouldn't become a major investment avenue. I am waiting for a day to see where I see some real sense in Insurance ads. ( Ads which show Insurance taken purely to cover risk)
If you use ULIP as an investment tool, you are really not putting your money to perfect use. it's better you don't club insurance and investment. There are always better ways to invest in equity/ Debt...( Like SIP in MF , POMIS, FD, etc)


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