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Investment should be the first expense that we do every month. A sound investment made is going to multiply itself and work for us in the long run. So, the strategy of earn, invest and then spend should save us during the rainy days.
Financial independence can be easily achieved only if we start this habit early.On the contrary , if we get into the habit of taking loans for our lifestyle shift/wants early on and start living on EMIs , your finances may be strained in the long run.
In the article Power of postponing consumption this was illustrated with some example.

Last week I happened to bump into a person who had cultivated the habit of investing regularly during his early years. He had been investing in a fund through SIP and this was long back in 97-00 before he left to US. When he came back in 2007 ,he didn't bother even to check the money in that folio (leave aside the question of withdrawing!!). When he wanted to upgrade his car this month, he thought of checking his portfolio and decided to sell his MF units.

The market is down now and most equity fund NAVs have fallen by 30% since Jan'08. But when this guy decided to sell, he could finance his car fully by selling 70% of his units and the value of remaining units was almost 3 lakhs. He was surprised by considering the fact that he had invested only 1/10 th of the current value during the investment period.
This awesome performance of equity may or may not get repeated in future again.But it is definitely worth investing and reaping the benefits manifold rather than just thriving on EMIs.
This guy got a car ( worth almost 7 Lakhs) out of just 70,000 which he invested a decade ago and left with some good money too!!On the contrary lets look at a person who buys a car on EMI. he pays almost 15% as interest. By making money work for you tend to gain in the long run. But this rquires tremendous patience and a systematic approach.

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