Shopping mantras

If you are trying to cut down your shopping bill , here are some tips
1) Always make a periodic budget (as to what you want to shop and set budgets for each category.)
2) Take a list of items that you are going to buy when you go to a mall and try sticking to it. Most malls gain only by impulsive buying.
3) When you want to buy a few items, do access your local shop as you will avoid visiting a big for parking, do some extra purchase,etc.
4)Check your bill very thoroughly ( price &quantity )before you pay for it. I have noticed that a bill is wrong more than 10% of the times. ( at times it may be in your favour too!!)
5)When buying packed food, check for the expiry date. I have seen expired/ almost expired items on the shelves of even premium stores . By this you ensure that you pay for a usable commodity and avoid a possible health hazard.
6)This is a powerful thing--- Carry cash to make your purchase by dropping your cards at home.When you pay cash , you may feel the pinch which is not visible when you pay thorough a card and there is a high possibility that you will stick to your budget.
7) Never buy something for the reason that there is an offer or discount on the product. Buy only if you are in genuine need of it.
If you feel these advises are primitive, then go ahead and shop till you drop. But never crib about your thin bank balance or thick card dues.

2 comments: - Financial Planning Demystified said...

These are some great tips!

Each tip is a small step, seemingly obvious. But if implemented, collectively they can have a significant influence on our monthly budgets!

Anonymous said...

good tips.. the best one..keep you cards at home... nothing can save money than this...priceless tip.

I guess I too blog about something similar...



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