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I happened to use my HDFC card at an ICICI ATM in early November' 08. I was trying to withdraw 18k . The transaction got declined .However, the cash was deducted from my HDFC account promptly. I raised a complaint with HDFC immediately and also raised a dispute along with the copy of the ( declined) transaction slip.
I got back the money after 35 days as assured but wanted to write this article to create an awareness. This 35 days may be harassing esp. when you are in real need of that money. You keep worrying while the bank keeps enjoying your money for no fault of yours.
What I have learnt
1) Avoid using the ATM card of one bank in another even if there are no extra charges involved.
2) Even if you decide to use your card in a different bank's ATM, do not try withdrawing a huge amount. If you need a huge amount , try withdrawing it in parts and not in full.
3)In case you get into such trouble as stated above , don't panic. Keep a copy of the transaction slip and raise a written dispute with your bank immediately.

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Anonymous said...

Say I own ICICI ATM and use SBI ATM and withdrawn cash from SBI ATM but I didnt get any money and also didnt get any transaction slip from SBI ATM because it is running of paper. What do I do in that case ?


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