Sensex to touch 30000

"In our view, Sensex 30,000 could be a reality in the next few years...

It could happen sooner or maybe even later. "
There was a mail from a group which solicits subscription for equity tips in my inbox. The first two sentences of the mail is posted for your reference above.
The statement is so funny. They say it may happen soon or may be even later ( say 20 /30 years). Over  a longer period the sensex would definitely cross 30,000 at least to keep pace with inflation and population growth. By such a statement the news letter  tries to be smart and get their statement to be true in any circumstance  (sooner or later).
I am not telling anyone to stop subscribing to such news letters( that's your own decision). But any day I wouldn't invest based  on a (unsolicited or solicited) tip from a person  who's not even sure about what he is talking.

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