Policy matters!

Rajesh was quite excited about the progress, so far. He was working for a software company and had now cleared his interview with a consulting company.

He had to meet the VP of the division before the roll out of his offer.

'Should be just a formality to meet the head of the division', Rajesh thought.

He was waiting outside the VP's room for the chat.

The HR manager emerged from the VP's room and pulled Rajesh in for the final round.

Rajesh glanced at the VP, smiled. This guy should be a veteran (aka old guy :-) in this industry, he smiled  as the VP greeted him.

VP- ' Hi , I am xxxx. Please be seated'

Rajesh - ' Hello..... Thanks'

VP- ' Your profile looks awesome and the comments of the interviewers, impressive'

Rajesh- ' Thank you. Even I am excited and thoroughly impressed with your company so far. Looking forward to work in this organization'

After the customary inquiries, The VP declared that he can't wait to have Rajesh on board. He said ' We have a project starting next week, Hope you would be able to be on board our company next Monday'

Rajesh was a bit shocked, ' But, I do have a months' notice and it's not negotiable with my employer'

'All along, I thought that you were a person who looks forward to challenges and that's the reason we are hiring you  ... You should take this as a challenge and join by next Monday', the old man was smiling.

'But  our organization policies do not allow this and it would take a month for me to neatly handover the responsibilities'

'That's the challenge, I exactly ask you to take up now... You can actually take it as a test. In consulting, you might have to face so many challenges like this', this man was simply unstoppable and was pushing Rajesh to the best. ' Rajesh,I am surprised that in the pretext of policy you are hiding yourslef from the challenge. Dont chicken out. You have to start questioning policies.. May be you can take this challenge, prove yourself  and be a part of our Organizarion.'

Rajesh knew for sure that he can't get relieved so soon, He took a deep breath, looked at the silent HR guy for a while and then he turned towards the VP to say,
 'OK, I am ready to take up the challenge.  (Pointing to HR)I had asked for X as my CTC considering a normal notice period. But, If you can make that 3 X, I would be able to join tomorrow (Leave aside next Monday :)))). I would see this as a reward for taking up the challenge'

Silence prevailed for a while. The HR guy mumbled something about the consulting companies' policy on remuneration' before the VP said that ' We would get back' and thanked Rajesh for meeting him.

As he walked out, Rajesh realized that he had outspoken the old guy and his chance of getting the offer was almost nil.

To his surprise, the offer popped into his mail box a couple of days later with the same condition agreed with HR prior to meeting the VP ( X CTC and one month joining time).

Policies do matter!

PS: - Rajesh declined theoffer and he later came to know that those recruited by the consulting company during the period were for some consulting assignement in some yet to be named country in Africa.

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