Know your priority!

Life is all about choices. When it comes to spending your hard earned money , its again about your choices.

Recently was having a conversation with a friend who was keen to loose weight. (He is above 30, weighs almost 90 kg and is 5 ft 6'. ). One of the options before him was to join a gym near his house. The gym charges Rs 1500 pm as membership fees. A cheaper option @ Rs 500 pm was available but a bit far from his home.

Now, the friend told that it was way beyond his limit to pay Rs 1500pPm and he would better accumulate that money every month to buy a treadmill!

To give the financial profile of this person. He earns around 70 k a month , out of which 40 K is eaten up by the EMI ( house and car). He spends at least 3k a month on dining out and needless to say the remaining money is consumed by  other expenditure.

Recently he used his bonus money to furnish his house with a wooden cot and a jazzy dining table ( both totalling to 100k ..yes one lakh).This person who pays at least Rs 25k/pm  in interest alone and Rs 3 k/pm in dining out thinks that all his EMI go into building assets ( house ,car and tummy :-)) and feels that 1500 per month is an unaffordable 'expenditure'.

Even after a long conversation, he stood to his point!. Life is all about choices that we make.

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