#NSEL E-Series redemption - in a stand still?? #delay

While the number of media reports about NSEL is quietly streaming in the media, there is not enough attention paid to the situation of about 7 lakh e-series investors.

There are articles which say that there is delay in physical delivery due the to "rush" of request, but there is lack of any concrete evidence to prove any action by NSEL.

If NSEL is doing some genuine  physical delivery ( I am sure that this is not the case), they should publish the details of physical delivery made everyday on their site.The audit certificate provided on the physical stock is of no use unless people get their money back on time.

All blogs/ new papers that promoted e-gold as an investment tool are completely silent now. ( Did they have a vested interest in promoting the product ?)

The most surprising fact is that there have been no arrests/ concrete action by any government agency which will at least bring back some faith back in out financial investment framework.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

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