#Mid career crisis

Of late, I have seen a lot of people who are completely frustrated with their jobs. Most of them are well educated and have a dream job. Money, status, global exposure.. you name it and they have that!. 

The things that makes them crib  are growing work pressure, office politics, limited scope for further growth ( as they are almost near the "top" of the pyramid), lack of "true calling" in what they do every day and so on.
A few are looking to switch jobs that can bring them at least a temporary change, some others think that a change in job will not change anything. (  Pursue an exec MBA, remain a techie or switch domain, continue to specialize or become a generalist,take a long sabbatical or move to a "temple town"- These  are most discussed options). Right from  pursuing a passion to joining some "living" courses these people try everything out. But there is no one that I seem to have found the "real" answer!.

Is this what people call mid career crisis??

While contemplating this , I found this article which reflects the same thought with a favor of fun. 

In case you have any quick fix for the problem, Please let the world  know about it !!

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