The Hunt for Kohinoor by Manreet sodhi- Book review

This book was sent for review from West Land. This book is second in the series and the first one that I am reading.

The story genre is that of a thriller. It starts with Mehrunisa's nightmares about her father being beheaded. The plot is centred around the tension that prevails between India and it's neighbour. How Mehrunisa helps the country avert a big terror attack forms part of the rest of the story.

Mehrunisa , one day gets a call from the investigating agencies . She eventually finds that her father ( whom everyone believed was dead long ago) is still alive and she has to take on the mission of  saving the nation.

She gets on to a chase that pits her against hardened terrorist groups, that tests her mettle against the secrets of the past. The story travels across the borders of nation.The novel provides a good insight into the functioning of the intelligence agencies and  the terrorist outfits as well. Climax is dealt with from narratives  from Afpak border, Bhakranangal dam (India) and Adezai ( Pakistan).

Overall storyline of the book is good. However, I didn't find the story to be a page turner (a bit of drag at times). General  narrative, theme chosen  is good and takes you across different locales across the borders.

Can be a good read for ardent fans of "terror" plots.

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