"LED "on a personal loan

Names have been changed to protect identities.

Rajesh works for a software company . He has been paying EMIs for his personal loan ( >5 lakhs). The personal loans were availed during the last two years for various purposes like closing down a credit card loan, to meet some personal expenses and to "invest" in a piece of land ( which is a few 100 kms close to the metro where he lives :)).
Realizing that 16% pa being paid was too much, he decided to close the personal loan as fast as possible. Then Govind ( close friend) approached him with an offer. Govind's employer was offering him to buy an LED  TV worth 72 K for 42 K ( @30K discount!!) as a part of tie up with the TV brand. Govind offered to give the TV to Rajesh for 50K( 8 K profit for him).
Rajesh found the offer irresistible, he thought it was a golden offer to GAIN 22k. He went ahead and purchased the TV through Govind. Was happy to have got such a bargain deal!!!. Source of 50K- Another personal loan:-)
Rajesh also switched from a local cable operator to a branded HD DTH provider increasing his monthly cable outflow from Rs 75 to Rs 300.

 I am simply surprised by Rajesh's financial behavior. When I ask him about this, " Hey man, we should learn how to enjoy life".

What do you think??

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