Real estate debt levels #simply_scary

Real estate euphoria is slowly dying and the developers are facing some sort of difficulty- Most of us know this from the reports that we read.

Today, I happened to have a conversation with a person with a RE insider during my train journey and it was nothing less than scary!
  • One of the RE company is having debt up to Rs 1000 crores while the paid up capital as per books is below 20 crores( the actual capital got in by the promoter is far far less --- :-( , that should be another story)
  • The company has been using one bank debt to pay another cyclically and so on and they are managing this through their "contacts".
  • One famous private sector bank which is the darling of the stock market is keen on re-financing one of their loans on the condition that they will be the preferred partner for retail loans if and when they sell the flats. The logic being that retail loans seldom go bad!
  • Also got to know that the company had previously "pleased" a lot of people to get the loans.
  • Even if the company manages to sell all their existing stock and WIP at current prices, they will be able to manage only 50% repayment of the debt. 
Not sure what if the RE bubble burst, a few banks may actually go bust. ( But for all retail investors,Fixed deposit seems the safest investment ;-) )

NPAs from real estate and infrastructure sector can play out more differently than what we can predict.

Fingers crossed on what will happen and how stock market would play out eventually.

At least, I feel very very scared!!

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