Do you pay yourselves first?

When one of my friends called me up and said, “ Hey your articles on investment sound ok. But I don’t have the money to invest. Will you provide with that too??”

I was surprised …He ‘s a guy who earns a BIG salary. 60% of his Net salary goes towards his house loan (EMI), around 10% for his Car loan. Rest for his other living needs.

I told him that when you have a big heart to make the Banker’s, Builder’s, Auto Manufacturers and Restaurant owners rich…(by way of house loan, buying a car and eating out)…why cant you make yourselves rich too by investing for the future.All you need is Just Rs 100 – 500 p.m to start it as a habit….It can be a simple RD to an SIP in Mutual fund.

Money grows only by time and it’s always too late to start investing (Warren Buffet started investing at 11 and feels he started too late now. to read more on this click here)

Robert Kiyosaki in his famous book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad' writes about "paying yourself first”. Whenever you save/invest money, you pay yourself (by making your money work) and you pay others when you spend or take a loan.

So, Start paying yourselves (by investing at least a small amount regularly) and get on to the path of the wealth making. If you save more, your journey on this path is going to be accomplished faster.

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