Gold as an Investment

Buying and Storing gold (in the form of jewels) is a household norm in India. Most of the Invaders came to India for the lure of gold.

Gold as an Investment normally keeps us to keep up with inflation or out phase it at times.

2006 was a golden year in the sense that the ROI on gold even out phased the growth of sensex. (See details below).

ROI * for year 2006
Gold - 48.47%
Sensex - 42.3%

With Mutual funds planning to offer Gold ETFs (Mutual funds that invest in gold), it will be interesting to see how gold enters the Indian household in a different form.

Lets discuss more on gold as an investment in the forthcoming articles.

*Returns are for the period Dec 13, 2005 till Dec 13, 2006 ( Source – Rediff)

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