Spotting opportunities from the past

Everybody is good at spotting opportunities from the past. During the last two years the real estate and stock markets have raisen to phenomenal heights. Almost everyone whom I meet talks about the opportunities they have lost. example. ' If I had invested in sensex two years back..', ' if I had bought a flat /plot 10 years ago in XXX area ...I would have much ', etc.
Actually any day and any year has equal number of opportunities. Anyone can spot opportunities from the past. So, no matter pondering in the past only. A prudent person should start seeing opportunities that are yet to be seen by the masses and be an early entrant into the new investment opportunities or business ideas. The early entrants or the trend setters are the ones who gain the most out of any opportunity.
I am not suggesting you to forget the can always do, but try to learn a lesson or two from the same so that you get the ability to spot the opportunities that present/future holds. No point only lamenting over lost opportunities.

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