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My friend and me were driving last weekend in one of the busiest road of Bangalore. As you all would rightly predict, there was a big chaos (traffic jam is a very small word for that situation). We were stranded some 500m before a busy junction and we were not moving for almost 30 minutes. My friend said,’ Hey, I think the signals should have taken an off today and the police man should be managing the signal’. When we finally got to get past the signal, I found that what my friend said was true. The Signals were not working and so a cop was trying to manage the show. You would also have faced this much number of times.
I would not like to blame the poor cop as he was trying to do his best. But a signal that works based on a timer does the job much more efficiently.

Wondering why I am writing all this on Ideas money???

When you try to time the markets and enter or exit the markets, your situation is similar to that of a traffic cop trying to manage the traffic. An SIP can do a better job with your investments as it keeps working automatically as programmed. (Similar to that of a timed signal). Although you can’t expect the best return from an SIP method, you can at least be sure that you don’t get into a chaotic situation.
Now, don’t ask me the question that why there is a cop in every junction with an automated signal. I am searching for an answer too!!!

SIP your way to wealth

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