Call from a ULIP company

Of late, the calls that I get from ULIP companies have increased by leaps and bounds.
All of them promise very high returns on the these insurance and investment plans. The Best way to tackle these guys is to ask for a letter in writing that I would get these returns.
I think IRDA ( Insurance regulators) need to take much more sterner action against these companies and agents who miss sell through false promises and propaganda.
Unless the buyer's get aware of what they are buying and what they are paying...these extortionists like Investment agents and real estate agents are going to take innocent investors for a toss..
With respect to Investments, Innocence of the investors is not definitely a bliss for himself.
KNOWLEDGE IS POWER for an investor.

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Affordable Payday Loans said...

Written letter serves as a prrof, it is time for IRDA to get into the act and stop corruption..

apart from this i think u shud post more often about indian life insurance policies and their cost benefits


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