FII in full FLOW

After the fed. rate cut, FIIs have started pouring in money into all emerging stock markets including India.
We are seeing an unprecedented bull run. Sensex may even touch 17000 today!.
Should retail investors book profits?.. Yes and No
Yes, if their target price levels are met and they are not willing to take great risk. However, you shouldn't repent if stocks sore more than this level.
Those who have invested in Equity MFs / Stocks with a longer time horizon can definitely hold on to their portfolios as the long term growth story remains intact.
Those on a SIP way, need not bother much as their purchase price is going to average out in the long run.
FII- Foreign Institutional investors, MF- Mutual Funds, SIP- Systematic Investment Plan

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India Shining

Tier I and Tier II cities still do not have decent roads, owning a house still remains a luxury for an average indian, food prices are not within the reach of poor which make up 75% of the counrties population, corruption - you just can't beat us, we are more scared of the police than of the theif bt i guess they must be right when they say - India shines !


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