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Quantum AMC follows a direct-to-investor model. Brokers are not used by the fund house to collect investment.
This fund house doesn't charge an entry load as entry load is primarily used to pay commissions to mutual fund agents or distributors.
If you are willing to invest directly either in bulk or SIP without paying brokerage/ entry load on it, you can do it through Quantum fund. ( 100% of your money will be converted into fund units)
Investors should appreciate the intention of QUANTUM AMC in eliminating brokers . Those who are willing to invest can look into for more details.
AMC= Asset management company.

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Quantum Direct said...

Dear Sir, Thank you so much for making a mention of Quantum AMC on your blog with your kind words of recommendation. Support from informed investors like yourself will help Quantum AMC help bring in a wave of investor friendly practices


Disclosure: I work with quantum amc


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