Stocks and MFs penetration

I was travelling through some of tier-2,tier-3 cities in South India and even through some smaller towns. I was amazed to see the number of mutual fund advertisements, ads of stock brokerage houses. I was visiting these places almost after 5 years. Was good to see that equity investments is pulling in more and more people. Even in IPOs there is a broader participation from the public. if this trend continues for a while, we may not be an FII dependent market.
Another significant thing that was noticeable was that disposable income had reasonably increased in those places and spending pattern of people has also changed. realised that 'India growth story ' is real at least to some extent. Hope this growth continues and brings out many more millions out of poverty.

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David Hepworth said...

As the homogenization of the pricing of goods and services continues globally, workers will migrate to the most robust economies. Instead of doctors travelling to the United States to work, software engineers and finance majors will go to India. The disposable income of the populace of the BRIC nations will continue to grow and will become an investment thesis for this century.


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