P2P survival is dangerous.

The economy has been in the path of explosive growth in the last couple of years. Pay packets for all the levels have increased considerably in the past few years.( esp. in the private sector). Although there are a lot of uncertainties in the macro economic environment, there is a lot of room for growth in the long run. Prudent investors have managed to generate a lot of wealth in this period.
There are a some people , who are on a P2P survival mode even though their income/salaries have increased substantially during the years.
Pay check to paycheck survival ( P2P) is a really dangerous habit. Spending all you earn and taking loans that cause a huge burden are really bad financial habits. I know a couple of people who earn 6 digit figures per month, but can't manage even if they don't get their next month's salary. P2p survival (without even planning for contingencies )can be really dangerous.
Saving and investing at least for contingencies is the first step that one needs to take in the journey of financial independence. So, if you are on a P2P survival mode, TODAY is the best day to start saving (...and investing).

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