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Recently there were a lot of comments from other blogs. They all talked about how the investors (??) have lost money lost in the market in the recent past.
These were a sort of advertising comments having links to the respective blogs.The comments were not published not because of this reason, but all along they did talk about traders as investors.
If one does trading and calls it an investing, its like calling an engineer ..a doctor...!!. If someone is buying and selling stocks just for a price increase/ decrease that he expects in a short term ( period of one day to a couple of years), he is a trader.
The best way to create wealth is to stay invested in the market for a longer time horizon. Mutuals funds are the best way as most of us are not experts in picking up stocks.
1) Never get swayed by any articles/comments which calls trading as investing.
2) Believe in long term investing in equity through SIP route in proven diversified MF.

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Raag Vamdatt said...

Completely agree. Why would an "investor" be concerned about day-to-day fluctuations of the market?

Just think: Does Mukesh Ambani lose his sleep when Reliance stock goes down by 1%?

Of course not! When the long term fundamentals are good, there is nothing to worry about when stock prices drop.

And, if the fundamentals are not right, there is a LOT to worry about, even if the stock price is rising!! (Remember the dot-com bust of 2000??)

The bottomline: If you invest in stocks, you own a company. So, learn to think like owners.

Happy investing!


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