Being rich and looking rich

There are two kinds of people. The first type are ones-- who look rich i.e those who have a flaunting lifestyle. The other one's are rich but you cant gauge the richness from their lifestyle.
There are a lot of salaried middle class class people who belong to the first category. They flaunt a rich life style ( Thanks to the high salaries and EMI facilities !!).Nothing wrong in enjoying one's money. But one shouldn't end up eating out all his current income and future income. You should also save and invest for your future.

If you do not save even for contingencies, you may face a disaster when some unforeseen event happens. In this fast moving world, all things including permanency of employment, longevity of work life, etc have changed drastically. We should really work towards financial independence. i.e making money work for us , so that it can take care of all our future needs. So, being rich is more important than looking rich when you are working towards financial independence.

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