Buying gold on Akshaya tritiya

Remember our article published last akshaya tritiya ?? -
if you had invested in gold ETF during last akshaya tritiya, you would have made a neat 25% (approx.) by this akshaya tritiya.
You would have got similar increase even if you had bought ornaments, but the cost of storage, resale value , etc brings down the ROI .
What are you waiting for??? Start your Gold ETF purchase this akshaya tritiya!!

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Raag Vamdatt said...

Yes, in the past year, gold has given a phenomenal return. I also agree that you should invest in Gold using ETFs.

But while making the investments, let's be mindful of the fact that the 25% return in the past year was an aberration - we can't expect this kind of return every year.

Historically, the rate of return from Gold has been almost equal to the rate of inflation - around 7 to 8%.

And that's the primary objective of investing in Gold - to keep up with inflation.

If you're making an investment to best inflation and earn more, consider investing in the stock market using systematic investment plans.


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