E-gold investment

Gold has been one of the favourite place of many Indians to park money. Jewellery, Gold coins are the traditional methods. Gold ETF made it possible to hold dematerised form of gold in demat accounts. For those who didnt have the demat account, mutual funds came to rescue with gold funds ( non ETF ).
For those who believe in might of gold , NSEL provides another way to hold gold in an e-form.

NSEL enables investors to invest in popular commodities like Gold, Silver & Platinum and hold them in Demat form. Investors can buy, hold, sell and also convert them into physical delivery.

NSEL's porfolio extend beyonds gold into silver,platinum,zinc, copper ,etc. So, for those who  understand investing in these commodities NSEL makes them trade/hold them in electronic form.

You may check National Spot Exchange Limited's site for more information. You may find the FAQ page on the  site useful to know more details.

Please note :- This is an FYI / educational post and not a recommendation to invest in any commodity or any other investment through NSEL.

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