Cutting cost on DTH TV subscription

Either it be browsing websites or watching television, all of us follow a unique individual pattern. We most frequently visit a very few sites or watch only a select set of channels. 

Talking more on television, we tend to watch a select few regularly, others sparingly and most of the channels very very rarely or not at all.

When this is the case, if you had opted for some standard subscription packs on your DTH , you might be actually paying for many things that you don't actually use ( i.e paying for channels that you don't actually watch!!). 

Most or rather all of the DTH operators allow you to choose your channels and pay money for those you choose to use, instead of subscribing to bigger combos. If you can do a quick study, you would notice that you mostly watch some 4-5 channels and the entire family would actually  be watching up to 10 channels regularly.

If you need some specific channels for a specific period only, say for a sporting event then subscribe for that channel only during the event.

So, choose your channels and pay only for those channels . This would help you save 30-50% of your DTH cost very easily. Also, Lesser options makes life easier, simpler and less costlier.

" Little drops make a big ocean". So, you can give this a try or else ,any day you have the option to go back to your bulky combo packs.

DTH = Direct To Home Television

PS:- Any day, I would prefer having no TV or DTH @ home which would free up a lot of time and 'let you live your life'.

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