Obama, Outsourcing is irreversible!

If you are thinking that I am going to talk about outsourcing from west to east, I am definitely not referring to that.

I am talking about " outsourcing" that has happened in the Indian middle class lifestyle during the last decade or so.

A few scenarios quoted below,

ActivityOutsourced to/ through
Cooking foodHotels & restaurants, Ready made food
Playing with KidsGadgets, TV 
Making sweets for festivalsSweet shops
Socializing with family and friendsSocial network sites
Taking care of parentsOld age homes
Health care, obesitySlimming centres

We are all focused on only one core thing i.e. Earning money. But still we don't seem to have enough of it!!

So, whether Obama supports or not - Outsourcing is irreversible!


Reddy said...

Very true, even I don't understand for myself why we are not satisfied ever with what we are earning, still searching for reason. :(

Anonymous said...

If one/family do not wish to spend on leisures, activities or any other enjoyment aspect (which goes beyond their basic needs and expenses)... they will have no need and reason for extra money...hence they will be satisfied with their earnings. Can you do this?

Anonymous said...

Good one...

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