Real estate prices- why blame "others?"

In the last week, I have seen many newspaper and blog articles like "XXX to be blamed for India's housing bubble" and "Why Real estate stocks should not be allowed to be listed in India".
I would say that these articles have highlighted only one side of the story. We have to agree that the contribution of the so called 'middle class' population to the bubble is also significant.
Unless there were people to buy flats at extraordinary rates, the sellers wouldn’t have been able to create the so called 'housing bubble'.
The salaried class who 'invested ' their hard earned money and those who committed more than 50% of their net salary to EMIs are also responsible for this.
The greed of middle class to be a part of owning 'fast' appreciating assets is also a significant contribution factor to this so called 'bubble'.
Regarding the 'listing of real estate stocks', many retail investors have lost their money. But even in this case, the decision to invest was an individual decision. Once it goes for a toss, it is very easy to blame everyone around except ourselves.
If an investment goes for a toss ( or loss !) and you start blaming 'others' for it, most probably you took an uninformed investment decision out of greed.
Note :- This article is not to justify the wrong doing of  'others' . But to highlight the rule of ' Investor/ buyer be aware of all the facts when making any financial decisions'

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