Social networking sites, a boon for small entrepreneurs.

Marketing is one of the key elements of any business. Ability to create visibility for the product /service offered ,reaching out to a greater audience are made easy by the new age communication tools.

With shoe string budgets and limited publicity options, social networking sites are a great boon for small scale entrepreneurs.

Creating a page on fb,Joining relevant fb groups, striking the right tweets , burning your blog feeds into social networks cant help small time entrepreneurs reach out to a bigger audience.

Even larger corporations are turning more and more towards social networking sites to reach out to their customers.

A word of mouth publicity ( of any product or service) on social network can really get viral if it is backed up by quality and reasonable cost.

Product reviews on social networking sites are relied more by people as they are written by someone "known" to them.

So, if you are a small time entrepreneur looking forward for an effective medium to publicise your business, it's time you take the plunge now onto social networking sites.

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