The Bankster by Ravi Subramanian- Book review

This book is a good thriller written in a simple language which keeps the reader glued on till the last page. The author has stuck to his strength of giving a neat banking story (where there are some good and bad employees in a bank esp. at the senior level and how the truth triumphs at the end. For a change the author has not named the good ones with a Tam Bram name this time).

There are three storylines that are narrated through the book. These storylines get merged  to the theme of   "hawala" money at the end. The name of the real culprit is the best kept secret of the book.
The motives behind people supporting a public project (a nuclear power project – down south!) and the behavior of the bad boys of the corporate world ( GB2 Bank)are clearly put to light through the fast paced chapters of the book.

Especially for those who have been through the corridors of power in the corporate world ( may be any sector for that matter ), the revelations like recruiting the known, kick backs from the HR agency, promoting the favourites, 'personal' links between colleagues , etc are presented in a brilliant manner. Happenings in a bank from the insider point of view presented so lucidly brings to the fore, the long stint of the author in global banks. (MBA graduates looking forward for a career in MNC banks would get to gain a lot by reading the author's books.)

 The investigation at the end is detailed elaborately (although, some may find it a bit dragging towards the end) and the merger of stories done very quickly but neatly (If you don’t ask too much of logical questions after you complete reading, you should be OK).
For those who haven't read the author's previous works this should be a great read. For those who have already read the previous books, it’s the same theme presented with a captivating "screenplay"

Now~ Lessons for investors from the book J

Mis selling of ULIP elaborated in a sweet and short manner! The trust that the customer has on the bank is misused for selling a product. (That benefits the bank and has a potential risk for the customer's money). 

‘She has managed to close an insurance deal with a premium of Rs 4 lakh. What makes it special that it was sold to a 50 year old widow who has never invested in anything but fixed deposits.

Here's the strategy of a banker in the story to make customers ' Stick' to them.

‘Customers make their own decisions. We bankers only execute those decisions. And if they get a sexy chick to meet them and complete their transactions, they will never move away from you.

Banking customers BEWARE of such things! Don't trust your banker blindly. Always ask for the facts, know where your money goes and the risk associated with the investment. Unless you do this, you are (potentially) allowing your banker to misuse your funds.

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