Book review: FK Knows by Shailendra Singh

Shailendra Singh, the author has attempted to provide a self help book with an indigenous flavour( to be specific- I would say in "Punjabi" flavour. If you have had a few Punjabi friends, you would know what I mean).

If you have read books like " The Monk who sold his Ferrari", " 5- point someone" - you wouldn't find the concept of this book entirely new. The difference of the book lies in the way in which the concepts have been presented.

Shailendra Singh (the back cover of the book states that he is a uber successful entrepreneur although this is the first time I am hearing his name) in this book tries to help the readers on the following :

1. Finding yourself (because you are probably lost)
2. Following your heart a.k.a live for yourself and not for others
3. Achieving your goals
4. Living life every moment as it comes by

The book has around some 70 odd chapters and the author recommends that the readers take long breaks between chapters. He also states that the logic contained in his book might disrupt your pre-conditioned assumptions about the world.

Why I would probably agree to the author's first statement, I don't see anything that is " path-breaking" in this book which is told for the "first time". 

The way the book unfolds is a bit unique. The language, dialect used to get into the story line is also interesting. (You may call it the "theme" line if you want since this is not a story book).

The author talks about his own story of having had a "successful" life till his forties. The loss of his father coupled with degradation of his own health makes him realise the void in his life and he is not really happy. The author out of his experience states that one should be living his own life by following one's heart. 

The examples quoted would be quite relatable to most of Indian readers. This is because our lives are driven mostly by our parents decision than our own. The author wants the reader to take control of ones life, make a "to do" list and then go towards achieving the list. The author also provides a few examples from his own "to do" list. 

There are many books, movies, articles that tell you to " follow your heart". If you have already realised that and expect further more from this book, you may be a bit disappointed. The author talks about his experience of reliving his life by visiting all the places from his place of birth to figure out his happiest moments. This way to figure out passion may or may not necessarily work out for you. 

After talking about the main message of "finding yourself" and " follow your heart", the author jumps on to random topics of self help and provides you enough gyaan with smaller chapters till the end. I feel that the book loses its steam half way and becomes a bit monotonous after the first few chapters. The language used gets repetitive and there is an overdose of the word "FK" which may actually tire some readers.

Probably, young readers might find the language and style used very interesting till the very end. This book makes a good one time read. For young readers this book can be like a good bhangra song played on the dance floor by a DJ. This book might help you pep up your spirits. Definitely a good attempt by a first time author.

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