Punishing non-performers.

When you deposit your money with a bank, you presume it would be safely returned to you. How many times do you check whether your money is put to good use by the bank?.

You may ask " why is it important to do that?'. It is really important because, the bank may go bankrupt if it is doing some irresponsible lending. This can lead to loss of your deposit ( I am not in for arguments like government will back it up, deposit insurance,etc,etc as it is not good for the economy in the long run)

So, it is very important to punish the non-performing banks by withdrawing your deposits from them or at least making a conscious decision of making no further deposit with a non-performer.

Look at the NPAs ( Non Performing Assets- bad loans) of the banks, if they are continuously on the raise ( when compared to industry standards and other banks), you should start treating your bank as a non-performer.

If you do not do this, it helps the people of the following kind

"Those who take loan with political pressure and don't pay back, helps the real estate guys who can keep the prices high funded by bank loans and never bother to pay them soon, helps the industrialist who run a show business and do not care to pay even their employees."

So, you are helping these guys when you don't punish non-performers. Next time, when you see an article about you bank's NPA - " ACT ON IT". Punish the non-performers.

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