It's black, it's white

"2 bhk flat " available for sale , this was the board I saw this morning, on a new building in a prominent location in my city. Thought of enquiring the builder about it and gave him a call.

Me: I saw your building and  the ad. on it........need details please.

Other person :  Yes sir , only one 2 bhk available ,that too on the third floor ( top most floor).

Me: Area .?

Other person: 1400 sqft , sir.

Me: Price .?

Other person: we offer an all inclusive price of 14,000 per / sqft and only 80 Lakhs would be accepted in "white".Rest of 1.1 crores need to be paid in cash ( unaccounted).

Me: Thank you so much. ( call ends).

Just two questions came to my mind  after the enquiry.

1. Would any person earning legitimate money and paying taxes honestly be able to afford this deal..?
2. Why is our  IT department missing out such low hanging fruits and 'milking' the salaried class to the maximum?

There are no  answers to these "black and white " questions:-)

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KVB said...

In real estate, there are lots of white and black money. No one take action against them. I don’t know why?


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